10 Reasons to Use a Coworking Space

10 Reasons to Use a Coworking Space

10 Reasons to Use a Coworking Space

What is coworking? It’s a question that might have puzzled some of us a few years ago. But the Covid-19 pandemic and the related evolution of the workforce has changed that.

As more companies opt for remote work options, it’s practically guaranteed that coworking spaces will continue to grow.

If you find yourself growing bored of sitting at the same old desk, day in and day out, a coworking space might be for you. We believe the benefits are endless, but we’ve had to narrow it down – scroll on if you’re yet to be convinced of this brilliant workspace solution.

Diversity and flexibility

Probably one of the biggest pros of a coworking space is the flexibility it allows you. You can access what you need, when you need it, and not be confined to the same desk all the time. You may decide to use it on a pay-as-you-go basis, dropping in every now and again when you’re tired of working from home. Or you could rent a more permanent space and even upgrade to private offices. Pretty much all coworking spaces offer options ranging from hot desks to meeting rooms, so you’re guaranteed to find something that works for you.

Guaranteed power and WiFi

We love South Africa, but what’s one of the inconveniences of living here? Loadshedding! Well, with coworking spaces, that isn’t a problem you need to worry about. Generators are a common feature of these spaces, ensuring you can get your work done without fear of your laptop dying. Not to mention the fact that you won’t have to worry about losing connectivity. Cape Town may have the beach and the mountain, but it doesn’t always have great signal. Luckily, in a coworking space you’ll have high-speed wireless internet access, and often IT support as well, so a slow browser will become a thing of the past.

Comfort and perks

Coffee and snacks on hand! Air Conditioning! Comfy chairs! What more could you ask for from an office-away-from home? A common problem people have when working from home is the lack of comfortable and supportive seating. These spaces, on the other hand, have been kitted out with only the best in office furniture, designed with your comfort in mind – so you can say goodbye to that sore back and neck. And what’s worse than trying to concentrate during the hot South African summer? Not to fret – you’ll have a perfectly air-conditioned environment, allowing you to focus on your work. And if you do find yourself needing a pick-me-up, there is always a café a few steps away, serving delicious coffee and snacks.

Networking opportunities

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest benefits of coworking. When working from home, it requires far more time and energy to network and build connections. But in a coworking space, you’ll constantly be meeting and interacting with people in diverse lines of work. This means you have a much greater chance of finding collaborators and clients.


This depends on your situation, of course, but it’s likely that if you’re setting up a business, a major way to keep costs down is to use a coworking space instead of signing a long-term lease. This way, you’ll be able to gain financial stability and pour more money into your business, giving it the boost it needs to get off the ground.

The community

Working from home may sound great at first, but it soon becomes rather lonely. Even if you’re not much of a chatterbox at work, having other people around you will boost your mood and make you feel part of a community. Plus, you’ll have people to grab coffee with during your breaks!

Enhanced productivity

If you struggle to get out of bed, working from home can be a sure way to destroy your productivity and sense of routine. Most people need the encouragement of a reason to get dressed and out of the door in the morning. In a coworking space, the environment is optimised for productivity – there’s great lighting, less distraction, and a community of other people hard at work to provide you with motivation.

Professional image

While we’d like to say it’s acceptable to attend Zoom meetings in your pyjamas, chances are it’s not going to fly with employers or clients, and it will destroy your image of professionalism. Having a dedicated office or space you work in each day helps you to maintain structure and enhance the impression your work makes.


coworking spaces are very often centrally located and easy to access. With their increasing popularity, there’s a good chance you can find one near home, which is great for cutting down on travel time and the cost of commuting. It’s also great if you plan to hold meetings with clients or employees – everyone can gather in a dedicated space with which you’re comfortable and familiar.

24/7 access

This isn’t necessarily a given but it’s very often the case, and a major perk for those of you that need to work around the clock. While it probably won’t be as busy as during the day, there will always be someone else around in the same boat as you, helping you to make it through your to-do list. Working in one of these spaces after hours, such as in the evening or on the weekend, is also likely to be better as far as noise levels go, and you can be assured of your safety thanks to the office’s superior security equipment.

We’d love to know about your favourite part of working in a coworking space. And if you’ve never tried one, what are you waiting for? Come and see for yourself at Roamwork on Harrington Street in the Cape Town CBD.

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